Landmark Elevator Consultants – South

Vertical transportation systems, elevators and escalators, are some of the most utilized and visible assets to modern day buildings. Often, the performance and appearance of these systems directly influences how tenants and visitors perceive the quality and upkeep of a building. For over twenty years, Landmark has been the leading vertical transportation consulting firm in South Florida. High quality products with cost-effective prices – that’s Landmark’s tool for staying ahead of the competition. We want you to have topnotch quality service without breaking the bank.

Expert preventative maintenance is critical in improving equipment longevity. Landmark helps businesses reduce expenditures on future repairs by ensuring reliable operations now and employing a full-service approach during installation and inspection. Our mission is to provide informative and objective recommendations that allow you to make the most knowledgeable and effective decisions regarding your building.

At Landmark, we understand that you want your clients and visitors to have the best and safest experience possible and so do we! Call today for a consultation and help your business move up!